Most people generally are not prepared for a dental emergency. However, it’s essential to think about your and your child’s dental health and be aware of what qualifies for a dental emergency for kids and what you need to do during that situation.

Dental accidents and injuries can happen anywhere and anytime with kids, but you must learn to handle the situation as caring parents. You must also have the contact number of Valley Ridge Dental in case you need an emergency dentist for your kids. Knowing the symptoms of bad dental health can help you determine if your child needs an emergency dentist or not.

Even if you teach your kids to brush thoroughly, floss daily, and keep the sticky sweets to a minimum, sometimes dental emergencies arise despite your great oral hygiene. At Valley Ridge Dental, our emergency dentists for kids will ensure parents everywhere know how to address their kid’s dental issues at home and when to make an emergency dental appointment for their kids.

Read on to learn more about looking for an emergency dentist for kids.

Signs to Need an Emergency Dentist for Kids 

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It’s common for kids to chip or crack their teeth in a fall without causing them any pain. However, they are unaware that it may need a dental emergency because if you leave it unattended, the breakage could get worse.

If your child has corners of a tooth or a clean chip across the top corner that isn’t noticeable, it may be okay. It will help to keep an eye on it and be sure to point it out to emergency dental care at your next appointment.

However, suppose a crack runs diagonally or vertically across the tooth. In that case, you should seek an emergency dentist for kids because this crack may deepen to bring it closer to the root of the tooth and cause pain or even structural damage.

Jaw pain is not necessarily caused by a serious disease a lot of times. However, it is still uncomfortable for kids to live with it, but don’t worry, your emergency dentist for kids can help!

If your child has difficulty chewing or opening their mouth to yawn or take big bites or mentions jaw pain, they may be clenching their jaw a lot. Many people do this in their sleep. To address this issue, your emergency dentists for kids can have a special bite guard made for your kids that is safe to wear while sleeping and allows the jaw to relax!

Knocked-out adult teeth are one thing that has been wiggling around for a few days to lose a baby tooth, and it’s another to lose an adult tooth that can last us for a lifetime! Make sure to hold an adult tooth by the crown without touching the root If it gets knocked out. Rinse it off with water and look if you can place it back in the socket or not, and if you can’t, toss it in a cup of milk!

Then, give your emergency dentist for kids a call. They can reinsert the tooth for your kid, and no one will ever know the difference. And if it is not possible, we’ll arrange your kid a new tooth, and guess what, nobody will ever know the difference!

Is there a bit of pink in the sink after brushing or flossing? A little bit isn’t a dental emergency, but it is a symptom that sticky plaque around the gums needs extra special attention. However, a lot of bleeding needs an emergency dentist for kids, and excessive bleeding indicates an infection that may need antibiotics. So, try to clean the bleeding areas, apply pressure with a damp paper towel or rag, and then call your dentist and set up your emergency dental procedure.

If your kids may have dislocated or even broken their jaw, they take a tumble and experience jaw swelling afterward. This swelling may often be accomplished by bruising. If the tooth is broken, the pain may be pretty severe, but, surprisingly, the pain tolerance of kids who dislocate their jaw is not much! Although the pain is relatively mild, they may have difficulty opening or closing their chewing, mouths, and talking, needless to say, and a dislocated or broken jaw calls for an emergency dentist for kids.

Sometimes tooth pain comes with a few other symptoms that make it easier to identify. When your kid’s tooth is surrounded by pus or swelling, there’s a great chance the tooth is abscessed and requires to be addressed with minor surgery.

Fortunately, most children don’t get abscesses, but those who are differently-abled and have trouble with brushing or those who have experienced dental trauma in the past are more at risk.

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